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Monday, June 22, 2009

New Welcome Message on the Real English site

Welcome to Real English®, a rare NO BULL site where everything is free and free-acces. Go directly to the lessons if you like. No sign up necessary. No Login necessary. Just original video and thoughtful English (ESL EFL) lessons for students & teachers.

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  1. 2009:

    I'm in love with this site. Great! I'm using some stuff in my lessons. Thanks!! :-)

    vikapavl has made a comment on Michael Marzio, Real English team leader:
    there are many people just intelligent but you are intelligent and very unselfish. thanks for your job and these wonderful videos!

    sevanya1 has replied :
    Michael, your work is really helpful! don't give up! thank you very much for all these videos!
    Merci beaucoup pour votre travail et dédication!

    PAK2SWEDEN has replied to your comment on Real English Lesson 4 (Favorite Color) - CC Double.mpg:
    very helpful videos i like them very much! thank you sir you are doing great job!

    PAK2SWEDEN has posted a comment on your profile:
    Thanks sir! You channel is unique and really helpful. When I found your channel i was astonished to watch such interesting and helpful vidoes from which we dont only learn but also aware American, Uk culture. You have done great job.

    joyful1980 has made a comment on Real English Lesson 30 - Like to do - part 2:
    It was fantastic video!!! I love all the them..Such a good idea to learn a foreign language! These are the real materials we are looking for! Thank you for your great work!! I've benefited so much!

    ezetace (10 minutes ago) YT - Real English Lesson 48 Introduction to the Present Perfect
    I have found your videos accidentally and... wow¡¡¡ this is what I have looking for improving my english, real conversations (actually they are interviews but they work for me). Hope to watch all your videos this month :D. Thanks, thanks a lot. Keep uploading this kind of material. God bless you.

    YT 6 Re:Real English
    Hello Mike,
    I really appreciate your site it is very usefull for me, time is valuable and i find all your videos great!!!
    I am from Philippines and wanted to learn more in English lessons.
    Thank you so much in all your effort and putting all this stuff to help us!
    Morre power to you all!
    May the Lord Blessed you in all your endaevor.
    Luisa :)

    a friend form Costa Rica
    Hi, I´m an English teacher from Costa Rica, and I would like to express my gratitude, because your material have been a powerful tool in my classes. My Country of curse has limited budget for technologies in public schools. I will send you some photos of my classroom activities. Its great to know that are people like you and your friends around the world that really cares about global English learning, without thinking in making millions of dollars. God bless you.
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    els479 has posted a comment on your profile:
    hey ! your videos have been invaluable for me ! I'm a student in a language teaching department in Turkey and i have been using your videos for my presentations, which is great. thank you !

    Sonni2006 has made a comment on Real English 39 comparatives superlatives:
    Thanks a lot 4 your fantastic videos and making them available online. I always use them in my EFL lessons!!!

    navybrasil has sent you a message:
    thank you
    Dear Michael,
    just wanted to say thank you for your work. I'm a Czech living in Brazil, giving private English lessons and your site is a great help for me and all of my students.
    best regards from Salvador da Bahia,
    Ivan Martinek

    Utubelipstick has made a comment on Real English Lesson 6 (Introductions):
    I've got addicted to real english at a glance!! Thanks to Real enlgish, Marzio ;)

    icconalex has sent you a message:
    Thank you
    Thank you so much for posting those vids, my students just love them! I've never seen such realistic vids, such variety of accents and situations that help students definitely to understand English as a real and living language and not just something to be read in grammar books
    Thank you so much! :-)