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Monday, July 13, 2009

Jeff Lebow and José Rodriguez of EFL Bridges Interview Sarah Lilburn of the Daily English Show, and Myself

Mike Marzio and Sarah Lilburn, creators of Real English and The Daily English show respectively, are interviewed by Jeff Lebow and José Rodriguez. Here's the live webacam talk. Many Thanks to our hosts at Edtech Talk! The people who watched this live show made text comments during our talk, which you can read in the EFL Bridges chat log.

EFLBridges uses live, interactive webasting and a variety of other collaborative tools to help EFL learners and educators connect, learn, & collaborate. José and Jeff have created a site which is as communicative as you get. Real time communication. This is what I'd like to do with Real English - with several students for example and myself or another teacher as "host". Jeff & José show the way!

Jeff interviewed Sarah Lilburn and myself. I was flattered to be invited, and extra happy to be co-guest with Sarah, since I'm one of many enthusiastic fans of her Daily English Show.

You can watch the recording (ustream) of our interview here. As I watch myself, I think of better answers to Jeff's informed questions. Too late to be clever!

Thank you Jeff and José!

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