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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Sick American Health Care System

The USA is the only developed country in the world which has a health care system based on profit for health insurance companies. ALL other developed countries (with no exceptions) set up Government-sponsored health care systems at the end of World ...War II. The USA is 60 years behind the times, and has become a 3rd-world country in terms of people getting the health care they need.

American Health Care companies are responsible to their shareholders, not the sick people who buy insurance in the first place. It is also well known that these companies often find very dubious reasons so as NOT to pay for health care services, "previous conditions" and other nonsense to avoid paying. Obama's health care reform might not work. The insurance companies are strong, rich, and have great influence over lawmakers in both houses of Congress. Americans seem to be afraid of "socialism" even in cases where it makes a lot of common sense.

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