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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Join the EVO Video 2010 Workshop

My Video Classroom 2.0 !

Teachers, are you looking for resources that will save you prep time, enhance your lessons, and expand teaching and learning beyond the classroom walls? Learn about the Tesol-sponsored Electronic Village Online (EVO) workshops. I am helping moderate the Video workshop with 4 distinguished colleagues, and Jeff Lebow, the EFL world's premier interviewer and talk show host of EFL Bridges will be interviewing the most prominent ESL/EFL video creators on the web.

Look at this incredible lineup of presenters, moderators and interviewees:
Branka Marceta: USA Learns and MyEFA.
Jennifer Lebedev: English with Jennifer on YouTube and her exercises at EnglishCafé.
Sarah Lilburn: creator of The Daily English Show and her blog and site.
Dave Sconda: His lesson site English Meeting is designed for both teachers and students, and also check out his YouTube channel.
Ryan Detwiler: creator of ESL Video
Cora Chen: ESL Instructor at the City College of San Francisco
Michael Marzio: Real English.

The moderators are Ryan, Cora, Branka, Jennifer, and Mike.
Dave, Jennifer, Sarah and Mike will be interviewed at EFL Bridges by Jeff.

If you are not already familiar with most of these presenters/moderators, you will have many online treasure troves of multi-media content to discover! This volunteer effort is created for EFL/ESL teachers by fellow educators who share a passion for teaching, language learning, and video.

Some important notes:
- To register to participate, for free of course, go to our Wiki's Front Page. Click on the link and join our Yahoo Group.
- The sessions last 6 weeks, with a different moderator for weeks 2 through 5.
- Be sure to check out our Syllabus and the other links you find in the right side of all of our Wiki pages.

Please do all the assignments you will be given during the 6 weeks. In order to really benefit from this workshop, the assignments are essential. The show begins January 11. Organizational items are found on the Wiki, and the many discussions will take place at our Yahoo Group.

If you are interested in video for your classroom, you won't want to miss this event!

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