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Sunday, February 28, 2010

30 Languages of Instructions for Beginners

See all the translations here.

Thanks to George Machlan, & his friends and students, and thanks to my friends from around the world, we now have 21 languages of instructions for Beginners.

So, if your students need help in their native language, there is a good chance they will find it here.

Can you contribute a translation to your ntative language if your language is not already translated here. Now we need Arabic, Farsi, Japanese, and Hebrew, for example. PLEASE contribute your translation of these instructions so that real beginners can get started:

How to Use Real English®

1 - Go here and choose a lesson.
2 - Watch the video at the top, without subtitles.
3 - Click on "Exercise 1". Follow the instructions. Do all the exercises.
4 - Now watch the video with subtitles.

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