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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My First Video in HD

The Kodak Zi8, at $160, is an amazing product. Not so long ago, an HD camera cost thousands of dollars, and it weighed 136 times as much. Kodak was really smart to include external microphone capability. It allows me to plug in an adapter and then to use my professional XLR microphones.

So after having used 9 different cameras on the Real English project since 1992, here's the tenth one. The smallest, the most convenient, but always with a tripod and external microphone(s).

In order to really appreciate the difference, you have to have a good graphics card and a good screen. Then you have to click on "720p" HD and the little button to the right of the quality settings to go Full Screen (or click on "720p" and then double click on the video to go full screen).

  So let's have a look at the first result: an interview of Joey Voss in "Sobe" (South Beach Miami - Miami Beach, Florida, USA),  one of the rare lively parts of Florida in my experience. Like an oasis of Washington Square Park at the tip of a big swamp.

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