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Friday, February 26, 2010

Problems Posting Comments on this Blog

Do you have problems posting on my blog (this blog, right here) ? If you do, please comment on this post, and if you do not succeed, could you send me an email - - and tell me.
On the other hand, if you can post a comment to this entry, could you please just say "It works ok." or something like that? Thanks in advance!

My friend George & others get error messages (in French) when they try to post, but some people CAN post. My research on Google was futile. These are my conclusions after an entire morning of trial and error:

In Windows 7, in both Firefox 3.6 and Internet Explorer 8, the error message does indeed appear. But if I simply try to make my comment to a post a second time, it works correctly. No problem at all with same browsers using my netbook running XP (SP3). Could you please try to post?


  1. test one without signing in to my blogger account failed

    this is test 2 after signing in to blogger

  2. Note that I did not sign in to your site but I am still concerned that the average visitor would not have known to sign in to be able to post. Especiall as everything (instructions for posting) is in French. When the blog site is almost entiresly English it is not intuitive to correct errors with instructions in French.

  3. test 3 in firefox not signed in to google blogger account failed and could not understand the red message under comment box.

    test 4 after signing in to blogger account

  4. Also note that in previous failures, several clicks on post button did not help.

    It seems that we have now discovered why you get so few postings at your blog. Well done Inspector Cluseu!

    It is sad that so few people realize how critical feedback is to our efforts. Maybe you should create a Real English video interviewing people like you and me pleading on the side of the road. Not for a hand out but some feedback!

  5. PS I will let my students know about our competition to fill up your site with flags on Saturday. I am so happy to finally be able to return a small favor for all you have done for others. I truly consider you an inspiration. specially as we both share the same insights in how to teach a skill called English.

    God's speed to you and yours,


  6. PPS I was particularly touched when you referred to me as your friend (above) publicly. That has a special meaning for me. God rest ye merry Gentleman. I count that an honor. Know that I have the ear of the King of the Universe and He blesses those who show kindness to His children, even to his problematic ones ;-)

  7. Thanks George,
    It's great to see some comments for a change!