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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Secrets to Learning English

I see sites that speak about the "secrets" to learning English. There are also stupid sites which speak about these secrets as if magic will help you.

Other sites say that you can learn English without making any efforts. This is FALSE. These people are Snake Oil Salesmen. THERE ARE NO SECRETS to learning English.

All learners must make some effort to get started. Obviously, sites that speak of "effortless English" are simply ridiculous. They are an insult to our common sense. On the other hand, here is some good advice for every learner:

1 - You must be REALLY interested in learning (motivation comes first!). Why do you want to learn English? Identify your motivation. Is it for school, for your job or for understanding another subject in English?

2 - Practice EVERY DAY. **Practice makes perfect.** Use the free online learning sites. There are MANY free sites! My site is only one of many good sites.

3 - Try to meet people who speak English fluently, especially native speakers of English. Try to speak with them. Offer to teach them your language in exchange for English conversation or more formal lessons.

4 - Don't get discouraged. EVERYBODY learns little by little.

5 - Watch movies in English. Read books with a dictionary (online dictionary or a good old book dictionary). Learn the words to your favorite songs in English.

6 - It is MUCH better to spend 15 to 20 minutes EVERY DAY instead of 3 hours once a week.

7 - Write to your friends in English. Write on Facebook or Twitter, etc., in English. Don't worry about your mistakes. Ask for corrections.

8 - Learn new vocabulary. The Real English site always explains vocabulary with text, pictures, and audio. This is the best combination. Reading is also very good for learning new vocabulary.

9 - Never be afraid to speak. And speak out loud when you are learning. This helps you assimilate new sounds. This is why the Real English lessons always include the "Record yourself" button.

10 - Have fun. Learning English is a challenge, but it's exciting. Real English was made to HELP you have fun, but it is not a "magic bullet".


  1. Ahhhh

    Yes now! I find out a good blog about english!

  2. It's not good. It's Excellent to the most righ!!!

  3. How can we find native speakers? I can understand stage 5 books fluently but while speaking I forget the words' meaning in English, I guess it's about thinking in my mother tongue.Could u help me?

    1. Hello Ahmet,
      If it's impossible to find native speakers in "English clubs" and such where you live, the best alternative is Skype. Many teachers like myself have taught English on Skype for free, or have simply had conversations with non-native speakers, but most of us find it much too time-consuming in the end.

      Try to contact native speakers interested in YOUR native language, and EXCHANGE courses or conversation.


    2. How can i find English native speakers on SKYPE or any other social site??

    3. Hello FarhatUllah Awan,
      Please see my other post for good possibilities:

  4. i will try your suggest for learn english .englsih is not my mother tongue but i like it.somes i confused between english and chinese .i find out the site to help englsih learner .thank you so much .

  5. English is not my mother tongue but i like it very much. i try my self by speaking whether its right or wrong.. watching and listening English movies and repeat the dialogues...some day i shall b fluently in English (soon)... thank you real English :D God bless you and remember me in your prayers.

  6. What if one's English is good enough...& even then he wants to learn more???

  7. Do your site offer something helpful for English competitive exams?????

    1. No, Real English is for motivating people and for helping them to learn general English on their own. We do not get involved with the international tests. You can't do everything!

  8. Anybody wants to learn Urdu or Pashtu... In exchange of English???