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Monday, December 20, 2010

How to train your dog

I learned how important I was at the Mike & Val Marzio house in Carro in terms of basic dog responsibilities and behavior. If you are on vacation, the dog forgets everything you taught him, out of spite, one reflects, after a certain length of absence... THEREFORE, due to dog destruction of home,  I WILL NEVER LEAVE HOME AGAIN until I am sure that Barack and his side-kick Emmy-Lou will never be such bad dogs ever again.

I am the only one who instructs basics to the dogs. The women are in a make-believe-land of dogs-without-discipline, which ia a big no-no !

On top of this, the dogs have now trained me not to leave them.

PS: no photos of dogs on purpose! I'll show photos of all the valuables which they destroyed instead.

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