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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Trying To Understand Google Plus

I have been using 2 social tools on the Real English® site - Facebook and Google Friend Connect. Now Google has decided to retire Friend Connect. Normally, this would not be a problem since the Facebook page has been working very well as a forum for students and teachers who use the Real English videos and lessons.

Google Friend Connect, which will be dead on March 1st (except for Blogger blogs, according to a rumour) has been more limited in its usefulness, but apparently essential in the sense that students and teachers sign up for either Facebook or Friend Connect, but never both. I wish everyone would simply sign up on my FB fan page. Instead, this old dog has to learn a new trick, namely Google Plus.
Right below, we see the G+ badge which I have added to my site. I wish I could see it as a user, instead of the person trying to create it. If anyone could leave me a comment here, by clicking on the reg "g+" button, and telling me if they see posts similar to those on my Facebook page, I would be very grateful!

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