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Thursday, March 8, 2012

What's this blog for?

I don't use my blog very often. I used to use it for Real English® activities almost every day. Facebook has replaced this blog for this essential function.
Today I will use it for a personal post:
When there are so many blogs already posting exactly what I think myself, I would only reproduce, albeit in my own words, what others have already expressed more elegantly than I would.
The Republican Party used to be relatively reasonable. Even Reagan made sense in a relative way, and you had to give him a little bit of respect, however reluctantly, and espite the fact that the country started going way south beginning with this actor.
But nowadays, it's sheer insanity. The GOP is a horrible joke. Its past is so much better than its present. Just read Gore Vidal's classic "Lincoln" or  to get an idea of what this party used to represent.
He's a million miles away from today's GOP. And they haven't got a clue

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