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Sunday, September 23, 2012

It really warms my heart when I receive messages like this one.

Alex Rosas wrote the following message to me this morning. The simple fact that she is so obviously aware of what I try to do to facilitate learning English, is what makes her words so special to me. I'm not very good about explaining what I try to do, nor promoting my learning site, so I'm really glad when someone "gets it".

She wrote:

"I just watched the zodiac signs video, the one where you ask "What are (scorpios) like?" and I think it is awesome because I can ask my students to watch it, listen and write all the adjectives they hear, and then use those adjectives in other activities! Believe me, your videos are a great help and a very important way to practice for non native students/speakers!

Your videos not only help students to learn grammar,comprehend a real conversation and improve pronunciation but also realize the importance of  interaction, how people interact in the different situations you present in your videos. I do believe you do a great job with your videos. I like that you take the time to edit with and without CC (closed captions) on separate videos because in that way you understand everything you did not understand in the video without CC. Thanks a lot Real English!!!!

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