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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Real English Mobile Update

This post is no longer relevant. The classic Real English sit 
has been compatible with mobile devices for years.

I have not finished the new Mobile site yet, but there are already 15 complete lessons up, with quizzes (about 80 hours of work for real beginners). You are more than welcome to use it now, while it is still under construction.

I have added most of the videos (58 videos already up), and I will soon go back to add the quizzes with the short individual-interview clips, which allows the learner to do quizzes based on very short extracts from the main video of each lesson.

Making these short clips for the quizzes is the longest part of the job, but it makes the learning experience much more effective, and especially more user-friendly.

"Old" quizzes already exist for lessons 1 to 12, including the 4 lessons in unit 8, giving us a total of 15 complete interactive mobile lessons as of October 22, 2012. I update progress on a weekly basis at the traditional Real English® site at

The URL of the new mobile site is

Hope you like it. And it's definitely going to get better in the very near future.

New! Real English® MobilePS: I bought my first iPhone yesterday October 21! Up until yesterday, I was testing the new site using Mobile Device Emulators like this one, on my computer, with Safari. They are good for essential testing, and their most important advatage is that they allow one to test not only the different iPhones, but also Android phones such as the Galaxy, as well as tablets, and certain Blackberry phones as well.

However, using a real iPhone has opened my eyes. I see now that I must redo the quizzes in a different format (change of widths, especially, according to the nature of each quiz). Everthing else looks great! The videos are very crisp and clean, even better than the videos I see on the traditional Real English® website!

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