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Friday, June 5, 2009

How do the Real English Lessons work with Internet Explorer 6?

UPDATE June 18, 2009:

There are no problems running the Real English lessons in IE6 that I can see, as long as you install Java and Flash, and then reboot.

I set up a dual boot system on my computer and I am running IE 6 ( in XP, in order to get to the bottom of this "problem", which doesn't seem problematic at all.

Teachers - please post here if you are using IE 6 and still have problems!

This post was:

Hello Internet Explorer 6 Users,

Boy, do I need your help! I regularly test Real English lessons with Internet Explorer 8 on my Windows Vista computer, and with Internet Explorer 7 on my Windows XP computer, and I also test the lessons with Forefox 3, the new Opera, Safari, and Google Chrome on both computers, but I have no way to test on IE 5 or 6, since the swell guys at Windows won't let you go "backwards" to install a previous version for testing purposes.

I discovered IE Tester which allows you to test your pages on all versions of Internet Explorer, but there's a hitch: it can't handle Java, so it's useless to me.

All Real English lessons include a java applet for recording your voice online (so that students can compare their pronunciation to the teacher's pronunciation, or to the people in the videos).

So I need help. If you use IE 6, can you test a lesson for me?

If you can, it's a good idea to go to a lesson which includes all objects:
video - audio - record/compare java applet - pictures - and the exercises which also use java. There are many lessons which include all these elements, for example Lesson 29.

Does everything work? I sure would like to know!


  1. thanks to bj3bhy!
    he or she wrote me on youtube to say that ie6 only has problems with the java recording in the lessons

    SOME of the time

    not very reassuring but who knows for sure?

  2. I set up a dual boot system on my computer and I am running IE 6 ( in XP.

    There are no problems as long as you install Java and Flash.

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