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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Real English® Mobile

Screencast / Brief Demo of
Real English® Mobile

It's a bit early for me to be presenting the new Mobile version of Real English®. Only a quarter of the Lessons are finished. On the other hand, the numerous videos and quizzes which have been completed provide beginners and pre-intermediate students on the go with at least 40 hours* of fun work.

Besides, it will take me until the end of the year to finish the job. More importantly for myself and other social-oriented content creators, a minimum of general feedback seems essential in order to continue the longish job with relative confidence concerning the final outcome.

Moreover, in a case like mine, the job will be interrupted by new filming in the streets, as I make brand new videos, and then new edits and finally new lessons for the new clips (BTW, a "lesson" is a collection of interactive quizzes for a small portion of a main video). So the job is never completed, really. It will only be finished the day I stop filming and make a lesson for my last good clip.

So here she is in demo form:

If you just spent 6 minutes watching this entire clip, I hope you'll leave a comment, or try it out on your own mobile device before making a comment.

Concerning feedback, I was very lucky to learn that this site works pretty much  the same way on Windows and Android phones. Android devices are especially important since their market share is increasing much faster than Apple's iDevices at the present time.

So I tried to find someone to try it out on an Android device, and I simply googled "Mobile ESL" and within minutes I succeeded in contacting David Read, who surprised me with a screencast showing me how it looks on his Samsung Galaxy Note 2. David has created a Google+ ESL Community which he continues to develop and which is definitely worth a detour. His screencast, below, inspired me to find a way to do the same for the iPhone. He had a look at the Alphabet Lesson (Lesson 3).

I have made improvements to Lesson 3 after carefully watching Dave's screencast, but I haven't found all the solutions yet.

The URL of Real English Mobile is

Regular updates concerning Real English Mobile, on the tradional Real English site are here.

My next screencast will show you how the ProProfs Quiz Maker works. This is the application I have chosen for all the quizzes on Real English Mobile.

* It's impossible to make an accurate estimate of the time to be spent to complete the existing 21  lessons. Here I write "40 hours" and in the screencast, I say "80 hours". The latter estimate might be closer to the truth when speaking about a real beginner, starting with lesson 1, while also learning English with other tools.


  1. Hi Mike! While preparing for a little presentation at a local all-volunteer ESL program on my favorite websites for beginning ELLs, I am exploring the home pages of my favorite sites and thus discovered your blog and also your mobile app. Congratulations on your constant improvement of the already-fabulous Real English!

    1. Thanks Nina. The job's never finished. Will be filming in April to have some new video for new lessons.

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  4. Hello magnifictraining,
    Thanks for the kind words. I do my best.

  5. Hi, Michael. Your blog is very useful for those who really want to learn English. Thank you for this stuff and best wishes from Russia! ;)

    1. Thanks Rinat,
      And best wishes from the south of France.