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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Teach English in the USA - Get a Master's in TESOL or an ESL Certificate is one of those rare sites that is very specific, with extremely useful knowledge and help for future ESL teachers or directors, and is completely free.
It’s obviously the passion of its creators who are performing a public service based upon a wealth of personal and professional expertise on the subject, all gathered together in one coherent, well-organized site.

Why get a Master’s degree in TESOL or ESL? Is it expensive? What kind of job can I get with a master’s? Is it possible to get a grant or scholarship to attend an American University specializing in TESOL? Are there scholarships available for candidiates living outside of the US? (Yes, there are!).

Are there any online schools offering a Master’s in TESOL? What about teaching certificates? These are only a few of the many questions addressed on the site. The answers are clear and there is a contact form for asking additional questions if necessary. features 203 universities & programs with 199 masters and 81 certificates and also includes 68 distance learning options.  With a Master’s in TESOL, the happy graduate becomes eligible to become a Program Director or Curriculum Director in a college or university offering ESL education for its students.  On the other hand, if you want to become a TESOL teacher as opposed to a program director or TESOL teacher trainer for example, one or 2 semesters of study to obtain a TESOL Certificate is sufficient. For students from outside the US, this assumes that the student’s bachelor’s degree is recognized by the American university.

It's an authoritative site with a 100% trust value. The numerous interviews with 16 experts in the field are true eye-openers, giving you a perspective of the strongest points of each university's Tesol program, providing candidates with reasons to prefer the possibility of attending one university or another, based on the candid remarks we read about the advantages of each as seen from the inside.

Have a look! You will save many hours if not days of googling by concentrating on as your headquarters for all the basic information imaginable in the field, before you contact the university of your choice, or before applying for a scholarship to help you pay your way for a TESOL/ESL education and career.

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